Subcontractor or Supplier Information Request

Bowa Construction would like to add your company to our subcontractor and supplier database so we can send bid invites to your company on future bid projects.

As a general contractor, Bowa Construction bids projects of all sizes throughout the country.

You can find more information about us at or contact us in the estimating department at:

In order to enhance our ability to send you invites for projects that are pertinent to your company, we need you to take a few moments to fill in the information that is listed on this 3 page packet. We also welcome any attachments or other information you may have for your company.

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Which way would you like to receive bid requests from Bowa Construction? Bowa prefers you select the email only option as this is free of charge for us and is environmentally friendly. Please put a check mark next to the option you would prefer.

If you have chosen to receive emailed bid requests, who should receive emailed bid requests within your company?

What approximate radius (in miles) from your location do you bid work?

In dollar amount, what is the max size of project you would bid on? This would be your subcontractor contract amount.

What types of projects do you bid/quote work on? For example - Commercial, Industrial, K-12, higher education, mission critical etc.
- Any information would be helpful.

Are there any specific manufacturers that you supply? For example, if you are a window supplier, what brands of windows do you supply?


Feel free to let us know anything else regarding your company that may not have been covered in the previous questions. Expanding on any information given above can also be stated here.