BOWA History

BOWA means “build your future. “ By doing so our ancestors chanted “Bowa” in festivals and gatherings in order to positively impact our community and to motivate workers during the development of the Benin Kingdom in the early 1400‘s. Our ancestry dates back to the early 1400’s, a time where the Edo people built one of the largest palaces for the King of Benin. They used wooden pillars for columns and walls were covered with cast copper with engravings that symbolized his culture. So as you can see Bowa’s history in construction dates back 100’s centuries all the way back to 1440 where his family began building homes and developing there kingdom known today as Benin City.

As Bowa stands today our mission and vision hasn’t deviated from our humble beginnings, we want to positively impact our community.


Who We Are

We are a minority owned and operated General Contractor and Construction Management firm that was established on the core principles of family, honesty, discipline, and quality.  The Bowa Group consists of individuals, collectively, with over 25 years of general contracting, construction management and design build experience. We build projects with passion and are driven by the anticipation of the impact it will have in our communities- for years to come. Bowa will continue to build tomorrow’s diverse future one building at a time like our ancestors did decades ago.

Bowa’s Business Philosophy: Building tomorrows communities, cities, and neighborhoods on the principles of integrity, Inclusion, quality, discipline and doing the right thing each and every day, treating business partners, clients and employees honestly, fairly, and with respect.


We are a competitive and qualified Construction Management and General Contracting Firm. Family is the foundation of our business; we value each and of our clients as such. We want to build tomorrow’s diverse future by positively impacting our community’s one building at a time.


Corporate Mission

The Mission of The BOWA Group is to construct buildings in all communities that represent our diverse nation today. In doing so we will create lasting relationships with our clients by providing high level quality and safety standards. The BOWA Group is dedicated to establishing and retaining highly qualified people who will provide reliable service and quality solutions focusing on the details and expectations of our customer’s construction needs.


Core Values

Discipline | Integrity | Diversity | Team Work

BOWA Believes strongly in showing respect for our clients and people.

BOWA Believes conducting business with integrity and honesty is the only way.

BOWA Believes providing projects of the highest quality, results in life long relationships.

BOWA Believes that taking responsibility for our actions is vital to team work.

BOWA Believes that focusing on productivity at every level of business creates project success.

BOWA will pursue and support innovation everyday to provide the highest level of service to our clients.